Dealing Policy




  • Pay a 50% deposit upon requests
  • The customer must ensure that the chosen fabric’s code matches the sample code
  • We do not accept external accessories



  • Warranty only for one month start from the receipt’s date for manufacturing defects
  • Warranty does not include any misuse, such as washing, ironing, etc.
  • Warranty does not include defects in Outsource fabric.


Based on the technical possibility, terms and conditions, Ballan’s products exclusively fixed for free.

We will inform the customer if there is a defect in a product’s manufacturing, the chosen fabric will be purchased and fixed by us, and there will be compensation with a maximum of 50% of the total invoice value.



  • To return a product, it must be there a defect in a product’s manufacturing that cannot be fixed
  • Returning within 1 week from the receipt date, and to be able to return the product it must be unused.
  • For the outsource fabric provided by the customer there will be compensation of the total invoice value with a maximum of 50% of the tailoring price.

The receipt

  • If the order is not received within 3 months from the receipt date, and it will be donated to the charity. In this case the deposit becomes the right of the company, and the customer has no rights to claim compensation about it and the outsource fabric provided.
  • All the products receipt date will be predefined, depending on the production possibility by the production department.
  • Pay full invoice upon receipt.

We established this policy to apply the terms and conditions, with the aim of transparency to organize the relationship with customers. Upon requests is considered the customer’s approval to the dealing policy